Hold vs Park

Originally from ticket #315780.

When you place a call on Hold it is tied to that physical phone. It cannot be picked up from another phone.

What you want to is park the call. Then it can be retrieved from a different phone. The instructions on the sheet, in hindsight, are confusing. I just created a different method.

However easier than the different method which I created (below) the easiest way is to use the MyPhone software program that should be installed on your computer. You can click the Park icon or right click on the call and select the Park option from the dropdown.

There are 10 Park 'orbits' and they are numbered 0, 1, 2, etc up to 9. I created extension 500 and 501 to handle the first two park levels or 'orbits'. If you need more let me know.

To park a call in the first 'orbit' do the following:

To Park
1) in an active call
2) press transfer button
3) enter 500# (last 0 indicates the park level)
4) press transfer button
5) hang up

To Retrieve
1) enter 500# (last 0 indicates the park level)

If you need help with any of this just let me know.



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