Call Quality Issues (audio dropout, poor sound, disconnected, etc.)

If you are experiencing Call quality issues please make a note when you have a bad call and send us the following information (it's best if you can send this within 24 hours of when it happened).

  1. Date and time of the call
  2. Phone number of the other party to the call (you can find these first two items in the Call History on your phone or on the Call History in your 3CX computer or mobile phone software)
  3. Description of the Call issue
  4. Any other related facts that you think might be helpful to us to track down the source of the problem:
    1. Is the problem random or occurring on all or most calls
    2. Is the problem on outbound and incoming calls or just one or the other
    3. Does the problem seem to relate to just certain desk phones in your office
    4. etc. etc. etc

Send this information to: sooner rather than later.

If your system is down - we recommend you call rather than email - 513-321-5120



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