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How to add a custom / personalized logo for Yealink IP Phones

Do you want to impress your customers by delivering a personalized phone branded with your own or your customers logo? Yealink phones offer the ability to do so; further enhancing your product offering to your customers. This benefit applies to Yealink T22, T26, and T28 phones. You will need:

1.) Yealink T22, T26, or T28
2.) A photo editing program 
3.) Firmware 6.39 or above for the phones
4.) Custom company logo

STEP 1 - Your logo should be no more than 132 x 64 pixels for T22 and T26 handsets. However, due to its larger screen size, the T28 can have a 320 x 160 pixel logo uploaded! An important thing to consider is how to colorize the logo. Both the t22 and t26 handsets require a black and white / grayscale image while the T28 can accept 4 shades of gray. You can edit the color of your logo using any image manipulation program such as Photoshop and Gimp. MAKE SURE TO SAVE YOUR IMAGE AS A *.BMP

STEP 2 - Download yealink's conversion program. You will need to convert the BMP file to DOB format. You can Download the program here: PExDemo

STEP 3 - Run PExDemo. Press Add, and select your BMP format logo. The picture will get converted automatically, but you may press the Convert button for re-assurance. Look in the adv/ sub folder of PExDemo and you'll see your DOB file that you have just created. By editing the advertising.index file you can change the cycle between the time/date and the logo. I suggest long cycles so that you are not distracted by the quick changing display.

STEP 4 - Upload the logo to the phone. Login to your phone's interface and visit Phone -> Features ->Upload logo (at the bottom of the page). Browse to the DOB file you have generated and PRESTO! After a few seconds, your company logo will cycle over the screen.



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