WHS Remote Access

Windows Home Server Remote Access

Open Internet Explorer on REMOTE (not at office) computer

use internet address (this of course is for the Hawley server)

Click - Aspire easyStore Home Server

Click - LogOn (in upper right of screen)

Enter - Username and Password (from Windows logon)

Click - Computers tab

Click on KEN-PC (or LORI-PC)

Click OK on Connections Options screen (you may change check box options as desired)

THis part may sound confusing - Click OTHER USER button

Enter Username and Password (yes, again)

You should now be looking at your Office Desktop

When you are finished with your remote work you can close the session by either
a) Clicking the X in the Blue Bar at the top of the screen or
b) Clicking the Start button, then clicking Log Off

IF you have questions:
call 513-321-51120


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